We are all athletes. No matter how intense you’re running or walking, no matter the distance, no matter the side stitches. No matter if the the stop sign around the corner was the objective or if running every morning to work is your lifestyle. The main point is to get moving. To do the first step, the first stride.
Running not to miss the bus, explore the urban jungle or just to get out and breathe. You decide.
Our common objective ? The well-being !
The Spring Summer 2022 collection invites you to get moving. Because we are a well-being based sport company. Because we are passionate designers and make shoes, clothings and equipments to walk, jog, run, anytime, anywhere, for anybody.
Do not wait any longer, get moving and find your flow !
Chapt. 1Sring Summer Colors
Chapt. 2Summer's Sister Runners
Chapt. 3Flow 500.1
Chapt. 4Wall Run
Chapt. 5Vertical Jogg
Chapt. 6Saga Soft